Introduction Episode - 001

Introduction Episode - 001

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The introduction Episode! Wahoo!

In this episode, I’ll be sharing why I started this podcast, who it’s for, and a little bit more about me.

As you’ll hear in the episode, I’ve always had an affinity for scrapbooking. If my mom took me to Michaels (or now Hobby Lobby…) you’d better believe I’d be in there for hours picking out stickers, special scalloped edged scissors, and all kinds of beautiful paper.

As I’ve gotten older, blogging feels like the next best thing to scrapbooking for me.

Hope you’ll enjoy this ‘online scrapbook’ of sorts, going through a timeline of my journey in ballet!

baby ballerina jordan

Inspired by Angelina Ballerina, little 3 year old me wanted to learn ballet & work hard!


Picking up ballet again at 8. My mom took me to a local studio called Dance Emotions. Thankfully, that is where I met my most influential ballet teacher, Hannah Karacic.

Ballet Pacifica

After training with Hannah for 3 years, she encouraged me to find a bigger ballet school. At 11 years old I began training at Ballet Pacifica and was exposed to more American training.

SFB summer intensive

Started going away to Summer Intensives at 13. Two summers with the School of American Ballet & here, my first year at San Francisco Ballet School at 15.


My last year training at home before moving to SF. After a performance of Balanchine’s Valse Faintasie with my wonderful parents.


Moved to SF at 16 after being invited to join the Trainee Program with the San Francisco Ballet. {And unbeknownst to me, got to dance with my future husband!}


At 18, I was invited to join San Francisco Ballet as a corps de ballet member mid-season. What a whirlwind; Kind of like this snow scene!


2 years later, I experienced the worst ankle sprain of my life. A very hard, but transformational time. Jesus saved me.


Got back on stage after a year of recovery from my sprain. However, I found myself in a cycle of injury every couple of years.


In 2013, I started painting furniture {out of my love for interior design} whenever I found myself injured again. I started my blog, rénové, to share my writing & my projects!


Rénové had picked up steam & Pointe Magazine wrote an article about my furniture business. This was the recognition I thought I needed to grow my business… but the real lesson was not to put my hope in recognition that is fleeting.


In 2017, I had an injury that really caused me to rethink things. I decided I needed a change of pace. I left SFB after 7 years there, to join Diablo Ballet where my husband had been healthily dancing for the last 2 years.


Summer of 2018. I decided to highlight other dancers in business on my blog with the hashtag #ballerinainbusiness
It was so inspiring to see dancers building businesses! I featured 20 female entrepreneurs and loved every second.

Apollo Ballet

February 2019. After months of dancing in pain on my right ankle from a bone spur, I ended up spraining it on stage just seconds after this picture was taken.


April 2019. With a torn ATFL, a bone spur, & 3 floating bones near my achilles, I decided I couldn’t continue rehab without intervention, so I underwent surgery for the first time.

post surgery

Once again, injury got my wheels turning. As a lover of podcasts, I knew this would be the perfect platform to share the stories of ballet dancers turned business owners. Now was the time to learn how to create my own!


And here we are! After conducting my first interview in May & continuing to interview over 20 guests in the next 3 months, on August 6th, 2019, Ballet to Business hit the airwaves :)

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Chelsea and Heather of Luckyleo Dancewear - 002

Chelsea and Heather of Luckyleo Dancewear - 002

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