Chelsea and Heather of Luckyleo Dancewear - 002

Chelsea and Heather of Luckyleo Dancewear - 002


Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Chelsea & Heather were exposed to the arts at a young age. Coming from a home-schooled family, Chelsea & Heather’s mom started them out with ballet at a smaller studio, but then went on to research for more of a professional ballet school after seeing her girls affinity for it.

They continued their training with the School of Ballet Arizona and started performing with the main company, Ballet Arizona, at very young ages.

After Chelsea & Heather both experienced tough foot injuries, they decided to prioritize the health of their bodies and move on from continuing to dance professionally.

Chelsea began sewing at a Ballroom Workshop in AZ, while Heather moved to be with her future husband in Ohio and started working at their local sandwich shop.

Both having never had other jobs outside of dance, they began to learn what it looked like to run a business from working for these small business owners.

On the side, Chelsea had started an Etsy shop because she had been making leotards for her friends at Ballet Arizona. Chelsea’s leotards were continuing to sell really well, but she was unsure if she wanted to be immersed in the ballet world. However, Heather remarked that financially, her leotards were what was really taking off in comparison to Chelsea’s Bridal Gown business…

So, in 2015, Chelsea asked Heather if she would go into business with her and the two joined forces to create Luckyleo Dancewear!

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What makes Luckyleo different is that their custom leotards are made with the belief that each dancer is unique and deserves to have that ‘lucky’ leotard that makes them feel truly confident in whatever class, audition, or rehearsal they may face.

In 2016, they relocated to Denver, Colorado to continue growing their business. With a supportive community and thriving customer base, Luckyleo’s team has grown to 13 employees who help them develop & sell products to dancers all over the world!

In this episode we talk about

  • navigating ballet injuries

  • the importance of supportive communities

  • learning business through working for other small business owners

  • putting their customers & employees first at Luckyleo Dancewear

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