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Morgan Elizabeth Art

Morgan Elizabeth Art

Morgan Wells of


Morgan Elizabeth Art

Morgan Wells of Morgan Elizabeth Art , is a choreographer in her own right. With music as her muse and a blank canvas as her medium, Morgan creates her artwork by way of allowing paint & ink the freedom to dance. 


Having trained intensively at the School of American Ballet in New York City for numerous years, Morgan is no stranger to the commanding influence music has on movement. Now, she takes that knowledge, and applies the same principles to her artwork; trading out exploring the movement of her limbs, to exploring the movement of acrylic & ink on canvas.


The process in which Morgan creates is just as mesmerizing as the outcome. With every pour of paint she mixes, every turn of the canvas, and every stroke she accentuates, Morgan literally is moving with her art every step of the way.


Like a choreographer with their dancers, Morgan first lays a foundation of movement to build upon. Then comes back and refines the movement by adding twists & turns with her brush, delighting in the details. I just love how invested she is in every facet of her work!


Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Morgan's artwork spills out from its creation in her home studio, straight into the community. Not only does Morgan regularly create commissions to color the walls of family member's & friend's homes, her artwork has also graced the walls of prominent coffee shops & bakeries around Raleigh, such as BREW coffee bar, Anisette Sweet Shop, & Sola Coffee.




What I admire about Morgan & her work is the way in which she allows the process to unfold. Just as her artwork flows organically across the page, I see her allowing herself & her business to grow organically in the same light. With patience & persistence, she continues to create, sharing her beauty & passion one piece at a time. 


Be moved by Morgan's Art & join me in following along in her journey!
 Instagram: @morganelizabethart
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morganelizabethart/


She also has beautiful work for sale up on her website! Gallery wall #goals. 


Until Next Time!
"See the Music, Hear the Dance"- George Balanchine

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