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project restoration hardware

project restoration hardware


Now, now. While I am a big fan of the well-known Restoration Hardware, I think their name may run along the figurative line. Today, I'm talking about a literal project, restoration via hardware. 

If you have a piece of furniture that is longing for a change but the thought of painting a piece is crippling, the solution may be more simple than you'd think. My suggestion?
Go shopping for new jewels!
Switching out knobs & handles is a quick and easy way to give an old piece new personality. From mercury glass knobs to brass handles, oblong shaped to square shaped, the possibilities & combinations are endless.


Wondering where to shop?
Here are a few of my favorites!

  • Flea Markets : When I got to Alameda, many sellers have bins upon bins of antique pieces to rummage through. I've purchased handles & knobs as low as $1 a piece! From my experience, most pieces I find will not come with a screw attached. It'll just take an extra trip to the hardware store to find the proper backing. 
  •  Cost Plus World Market : Without a doubt my go to. Especially when I'm in the mood for mercury glass knobs (seen on the dresser in the picture above). I am guaranteed to find unique & stylish pieces for a price that my wallet will eagerly say yes to!
  • Anthropologie : My oh my, do they have creative pieces of hardware. And what a variety! Anthropologie is a splurge. However, see those beauties in the first picture of the post? May it be known, I purchased them from the sale section! I checked out with 7 beautiful pieces for less than $25. Never neglect a browse through the sale section, you never know what treasures you may find!
  • FairyHome on Etsy : Can't make it to the store? Need something super specific? FairyHome is a wonderful Etsy shop! They offer a plethora of sizes & styles for very reasonable costs. If you prefer a more brass, antique look, give them a browse.

When renovating our computer desk, I purchased the three vintage drawer pulls on the left from FairyHome & the two eclectic knobs on the right from World Market. 


project restoration hardware complete 

Have you made any rénové inspired renovations in your home? Painted something, lined a drawer, changed some hardware? I'd love to see it! Please send me a picture or make a post with the hashtag #myrénové

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