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delicate details.

delicate details.

There are stories behind the details. On the outside, it may just be perceived as a 'nice touch'. However for Ray & I, an object encapsulates a memory. 

We loved incorporating these Italian metal tins into our Wedding Day. Although they are Italian, we actually discovered them in Paris [2014 Tour with SFBallet: more here]. These tins serve as a beautiful reminder of the moments that tell our story.


On the days we had off in Paris, our friends would venture out to the museums, sites, and wonders of the city of love. But for Ray and I, we made a fast bolt to the markets.
I loved being at the markets surrounded by locals, hearing them whisper beautiful sounding words in french as we'd cluster around tables, rummaging through objects that reflected cultures different from our own.
I loved hearing Ray say, "Wow, come look at this..", then standing silent, admiring beauty together, the beauty of an object well crafted by hand.
I loved the feeling I'd get, of thrill, of exploration, of discovery, as we'd walk up and down the aisles, surprised at what we'd stumble upon next.
But most of all, oh most of all, I loved spending the afternoons with Ray.

Yes, Paris was wonderful, but the tour wasn't quite full of inspiring markets, sweet smelling croissants, and pretty things at the ballet all the time. About a week in, I started to feel really ill. It was the worst pain I had felt; my head reeled, my tooth constantly throbbed, and I couldn't get any sleep, not one bit. Our company manager escorted me to the American Hospital in Paris, assuming it was just a dental issue. In the end, the dentist spotted nothing wrong with the tooth, but alluded that it could be an impending problem with my sinuses.

I remember one evening, after I had danced in pain, Ray got us a cab back to the hotel. As he walked me to my room, I couldn't hold back the tears. I wept out of pain, crying the hardest I'd ever cried in front of him. In an instant, he resolved to help. At midnight he went out, searching through four different drugstores, taking multiple cabs across Paris, to find some sort of nasal spray or sinus relief medication, anything to help me. 

In moments of weakness and helplessness, to experience someone going through whatever it takes to help you, is an incredible feeling. When Ray came back to my hotel room, with all kinds of medicine & sinus sprays, I was struck with immense gratitude for him. I was & continue to be incredibly grateful to have someone as special as him in my life.

So those metal tins, those delicate details, are not just for show. They encapsulate a story of kindness. Reminding me of how Ray & I grew to love each other more and how through hardship, one's real colors come to life. 

til next time, love is patient. love is kind. xxx

PS. the little metal letters in the first picture of the post that read "lets sit" were purchased from ThorsForge on Etsy

navy & gold

navy & gold

living in the process.

living in the process.