parisian beauty

parisian beauty

There's a little old railway town near Fremont, CA called Niles. I was a girl on a mission, planning to grab a cup of coffee from a local favorite on Main Street,
'Devout Coffee', before heading back to the theater to watch my husband's performance of the Nutcracker with Berkeley City Ballet . Unbenounced to me, I was in for an even bigger treat than anticipated. That chilly December afternoon, I not only left Main Street with a delicious cup of Joe in my hand, but with a gorgeous French Provincial in the backseat of my car.


In an instant, my curiosity sparked when I pulled up and spotted two worn down dressers and a smushy sofa left to the side of the road. Thankfully, a local antique store owner happened to be closing up shop just as I was pulling over to examine the pieces. I quickly inquired of him if he knew where all this had come from and he replied that someone above his store had recently moved out! As we neared the end of our conversation, he ended with an encouragement. Basically, if I didn't snatch up that French Povincial he'd be back for it the next morning!


He didn't need to say it twice! I mentioned how much I enjoyed painting furniture and I sure wouldn't be hesitatating on this one. Dinosaur stickers and all. There was nothing a little Goo Gone, cleaner, and a rag couldn't fix. 

I was thrilled that the dresser itself was in wonderful shape. Not only that, but I finally found the perfect candidate to test out a new line of paint I had been given. Introducing Fleur Paint!


Honestly, I need to do an entire post about Fleur products in order to do them real justice. I may as well preface by saying this may be the best line of paint and brush I have yet to work with. It's smooth, full coverage, chalk like finish is beautiful. I painted the Provincial in their classic 'Greige', which also comes in a spray paint form as well, how fantastic is that?! 


I'm swooning over this piece, finding it hard to imagine selling it. And yet, the prospect of this Provincial being in proper use again excites me. 

Christmas certainly came early this year! I cherished the process of making this Provincial pop again and look forward to undiscovered treasures yet to be found in the new year. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and a joyful New Year!


Light and Life to all He brings, Risen with Healing in His Wings

new year's renovation

new year's renovation