Le Marche aux Puces de Vanves

Le Marche aux Puces de Vanves

Le marche aux Puces de Vanves

I love flea markets.

I love the history behind what is being sold & the stories being told & meeting the really interesting people who tell them. I love the feeling of being on a treasure hunt: whether it's rummaging through boxes or looking at every inch of space on a merchant's table. 

On our day off this Sunday, we took a trip to one of the smaller Parisian flea markets in the 14th district. The le march aux puces remained steadfast through intervals of rain & shine as the stands & vendors were determined to sell no matter what the circumstances were.  

We got there just in the nick of time to walk down through the alley of trees, as the vendors were just starting to pack up their trucks. Thankfully, I know what I like, & it wasn't too hard to spot out some beauties out of from the crowd in a short amount of time.

Of course, I was drawn to the items that not only needed a little 'tender lovin care', but a 12x12 box crate to ship them along back home to San Francisco.

Oh Paris, why must you be so far away?

But for now, I'll grab what I can. 

This piece immediately caught my eye. I love metal, intricate details, shiny mirrors, & imperfections. I can't wait to bring this beauty back to SF. 

The best part: it will definitely fit in my suit case.

But the true test is how my suitcase will look after next weekend. The plan is to check out

  Les Puces de Saint-Ouen Market

aka:  the biggest flea market in the world

new weekend, new marche.


bastille day. theater day.

bastille day. theater day.