a  dreamy desk for me please.

a dreamy desk for me please.

It wasn't even that I needed a desk.. or that I was looking for one.. however, I just couldn't help but switch it up a bit once I came across this table left out in the streets of Nob Hill. 

Once I discovered the table top was made of plywood, my initial vision for the table was to immediately give it a new top... and all I could dream of was


But first things first, this desk definitely needed a little sanding and a fresh coat of paint.

[A little Transformation Gallery]

After I finished the base, I started conducting research on where to find a custom slab of marble to fit my table. Unfortunately, the process was a lot harder than I had originally thought.

 Let's just say, custom made pieces cost some serious bucks.

I made my mind abandon the thought of marble, at least for now, in order to open my mind to other potential topping possibilities..

So I went to Lowe's and found some 'faux' metal tin backsplash.. hoping to create the look of an antique tin, metal table. 

The result was fine.. but I wasn't satisfied. It just wasn't my original vision.

I still wanted marble.

I almost gave up, until I started moseying Craigslist. At that time, I discovered that a former restaurant owner in Fisherman's Wharf was selling old table tops of his, big marble slabs. The dimensions were so close to being perfect.. just slightly too big. But I decided I couldn't pass up the marble and went with it anyway.

And that my friends is when Andrea's Natural Marble & Stone came in to the rescue. 

Andrea is part of a huge Italian family & has been in the marble industry for over 40 years. He was extremely accommodating & as soon as I gave him the exact measurements I needed the marble to be cut to and got right to work. I was so impressed as I got to watch his guys cut the stone right before my eyes.

I could not be more pleased with the result. I still can't believe the original vision managed to come through & that I got to see the desk of my dreams come to life.


Dream Dreams. Execute Visions. xxx

for ray.

for ray.

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