for jill.

for jill.

It's always fun to start with a clean slate.

Last summer, when my dear friend Jillian moved in, I asked her what she envisioned for her new space. Among conversation about colors, textures, & her dream vanity table.. the thing that I remembered the most was that Jill mentioned she wanted a chair: a chair that sucks you in when you sit on it, a chair with arms to curl up into, a chair perfect for reading & resting.    What it came down to was that she basically wanted the ultimate

thinking chair

thinking chair.jpg

All of you 90s kids out there know what we mean by the thinking chair. It is the iconic chair featured in Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues that every kid wished they could sit in while they watched the show from their living room floors.

Once Jill pinpointed that that iconic, thinking chair from Blue's Clues was exactly what she wanted, I made it my mission to find it. I searched online & looked around town, but none of the chairs I came across quite seemed to fit the mold.

Until one summer day, as I was meeting up with a friend near his apartment in Laurel Heights, I ran across this.. tattered, wayward, looking thing..

But it was exactly the shape, size, & body Jill wanted. 

So I brought the chair home and completely surprised Jill with what I found. Clearly, with the state that the chair was in, it was a bit of a shocker, but somehow I was able to convince her that all we had to do was simply reupholster it!

The idea seemed easy, I had all the steps planned out in my head.. but the actual execution turned out to become one huge, hysterical adventure. 


From buying a quilt at the Flea Market, dying it in the bathtub to achieve the right color, trying to lug it down to the laundry room to dry but finding it sitting like a lump at the bottom of the dryer an hour later, taking it back to the bathtub, attempting to ring dry it out… And that was only the beginning.

When it came to the actual reupholstering portion of the project, I was convinced that we could just staple gun the quilt onto the chair. But the staples kept shooting back into our faces because the both the quilt & the chair were so thick. Then I thought we could nail the quilt on &  try to achieve a "hammered edge" look. However, once again none of the nails were able to puncture through the thickness.  

We almost gave up until i remembered that we had borrowed our friends' drill gun to hang up some of Jillian's shelves. 

The drill was our final hope, and it turned out to work perfectly. Not only was the drill able to get the job done, but because of it we had way more fun in the process.

I'm so glad we didn't give up. Thank you Jill for sticking with me through all of our trials with this project & making me laugh throughout the entire process. I love your cute, little, cozy, reading corner!

Ponder deeply, Laugh freely. Don't stop believing. xxx

for ellen rose.

for ellen rose.

for julia.

for julia.