student showcase.


the San Francisco Ballet School

Last Thursday the students of the San Francisco Ballet School graced the stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in their end of the year showcase. The evening was not only filled with an incredible sense of awe at the beauty & work executed by the students for the audience to experience, but it was an evening filled with flashbacks: flashbacks to my showcase experience & time spent training in the ballet school. 

What was shown on the stage that night was clearly beautiful (as you can see in the picture above!) but what struck me was imagining all of the hours, practice, sweat, and even tears that I envisioned the students going through to prepare for this evening. Having been in their shoes I know how tough it can be. Ballet is more rigorous than what meets the eye. But as an audience member that evening, I was grateful for all of the work not only the students but the teachers & choreographers put into producing a fantastic show. 

I was particularly thrilled to experience my friend Myles's new creation Spectrum. It has been so fun to witness him grow in his particular voice as a choreographer: not only with the vocabulary of movement he develops but with the real life concepts & themes he pushes his dancers to convey from the stage. This piece in particular was beautiful to watch because it was the first time he used a pretty large cast of dancers, which I can imagine to be more of a challenge for a choreographer, but for Myles & the cast, the results were so worth it. 


The evening commenced with a fantastic dinner downtown at the Four Seasons. The dinner not only celebrated the students, but to celebrated San Francisco Ballet School as a whole, the organization and all of the sponsors, donors, & supporters. As an alumni, I was so grateful to be in a room and witness their generosity. I am thankful for their ability to keep the San Francisco Ballet School thriving & in turn, help to keep the San Francisco Ballet thriving as a whole. 

Reflect on the Past. Foster the Future. xxx

a  dreamy desk for me please.

a dreamy desk for me please.

for emily. for sean.

for emily. for sean.