the genesis of renove

the genesis of renove

As I've been working on a few fixer-upper projects this week, I stopped to think… how did this even start? It's one thing to know that renovating furniture is something I love to do, but it's another thing to pinpoint the spark that lit the fire. It's one thing to believe something.. another to experience it.

So, I stopped to remember. And remember I did, when this picture came to my mind. Behold, the piece of furniture that set the ball rolling.

I had found this bed frame back in 2010. At that time in my life, I was recently hired with the San Francisco Ballet & was going to be making the big move into my first apartment! After living in the San Francisco Ballet School's dormitory residence for two years, the "Jackson House" was fantastic, but I was ready to furnish my own room. A major item on the shopping list for me was to find a bed-frame. I wanted to find something that would not only be a staple piece, but a statement piece.

So my mom and I began looking around at some of our favorite stops in Southern California: Shabby Chic in Santa Monica, Country Roads in Orange, Pom-Poms in Los Angeles, just to name a few! And of course, we came across some incredible beds.. beds that were beautifully intricate in French, Victorian details.. made of real wood and with fine craftsmanship..

However, every time we checked the price tag reality hit hard. Naturally for these incredibly beautiful beds there was an incredibly, pricey price tag...

That was until we decided to poke our heads into this antique store at the Orange Circle. It was dirty, kind of dusty… but at that moment I remember feeling like I was on some kind of treasure hunt. The antique store was completely different than any of the more polished, already "styled" stores we had been in all day.

But I wanted to explore. So I went down to the basement and that's when my eye stopped on this simple, wood bed frame, propped up in the corner.


I thought, "this could be it". However, when I showed my mom, she was less than impressed. But rightly so, we had been looking at perfectly, finished beds all day; beds that were the right color, right style, and could literally be brought straight from the store into the bedroom.

But I knew this little, unwanted bed in the basement had potential.. not to mention the price was so right [ it had just been marked down to $110! ]. The structure was there, all it needed was a little paint...

So we brought the bed straight from the shop basement into our "shop" garage. And after a few coats of 'Cathedral Grey' paint by Behr, this bed got a fresh, new look. 


From then on I've learned to look at the quality of a piece first. Check out it's bones & what it's made of, because if that's solid, just a little paint can go a long way into making a piece look & feel more like your own.

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for emily. for sean.

for emily. for sean.

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Small Beginnings.