Many dancers struggle to imagine a career outside of performing, so #BallerinaInBusiness was created to help you see dancers who have created businesses they love
& so can you!

My journey into running my side business, rénové, began in 2014 while I was dancing for San Francisco Ballet. More to share, just keep scrolling :)


In 2014, the blog rénové emerged as an outlet to share, not only life through the lens of a professional ballet dancer, but my musings with renovating furniture.

I noticed my love for ballet & interior design developing during the early days of my childhood. There were two television programs I couldn't seem to get enough of: Angelina Ballerina & TLC's Trading Spaces. I loved watching the 'real ballerinas' at the end of every episode of Angelina Ballerina and was amazed at the renovation projects I witnessed on Trading Spaces. 

At sixteen, one of my childhood dreams came true. I moved to San Francisco to continue my training in classical ballet as a Trainee with the San Francisco Ballet School and went on to join the company two years later.

While living in San Francisco, I enjoyed going on walks to admire the city’s architecture. Each home had its own unique character. Especially the city’s iconic victorian homes, what attention to detail!

As I kept walking, I began discovering something lower than the houses perched on the hills, things left on the sidewalk. I'd run into gorgeous pieces of furniture, mirrors, and frames. Things that people were trying to get rid of. It was a strange phenomenon that I did not grow up seeing in Southern California...

One day, my eye was taken by this little, wooden chair, left out on the corner. All it needed was a fresh coat of paint and a new seat! Without hesitation, I picked it up & carried it home. And from there, it seems I have been renovating pieces ever since.

Currently, I’ve moved across the Bay Bridge into the East Bay with my sweet, wonderful husband. We are both professional ballet dancers with Diablo Ballet, as well as teachers at schools across the Bay Area.

rénové [v] redeem, renew, restore